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The Avas-hill is one of the symbols of the town Miskolc, although it means different things for the people who live here and different things for the visitors. The onetime vineyards and orchards of the hill played an important role in the economy of the town, employed the grape cultivator wine-growers, the craftsmen who produced wooden tools and pots but also the merchants who carried the full barrels by farm-wagon to the boonies. Avas was the scene of social life, entertainment, attracted the writers, poets, artists who wrote poems, painted pictures about their recollections or took photos to record them for themselves and for the after-ages. The several century old Avas Reformed and Mindszenti Roman Catholic Church also played an importan role in the belief of the thriving town where the population was growing. In the cemeteries of the hill you can find the graves of town builders from several generation. In the 18th Century, the wine cellars of Avas where important depot and distributor centre of the wines from Tokaj.

The starting lines in the introduction of the monography titled Miskolc Avas summarizes well the several century’s significance of the cultic hillside.  Firstly we prettify our cellars, we are glad of opening old and new catering places and we trust that more and more people will visit us. And of course we tend to make the tastiest wine year by year to have recurring guests. So come visit us here in Avas, taste our wine and enjoy the company of the friendly people who live here!

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